#36alive 291: Relieve Calf Tension With This Marma Point

Derived from Ayurvedic medicine, Marma points are a little like Acupuncture or Acupressure points – they help change physical and subtle aspects of a part of the body, and aim to bring all the systems into balance.

Tight calf muscles are common among those who either use them a lot or a little. Running, cycling, driving and sitting for long periods can all make calf muscles tight, which can then contribute to hamstring pain and tightness, and limited ankle mobility.

Indra BastiĀ is a marma point located in the center of the calf muscle, but also in the center of the forearm. Stimulating this point in the leg by massaging it gently but firmly in circular motions can go a long way towards helping relieve muscular tension, but also works as a way to enhance the flow of blood throughout the body. The calves are also an important link to the heart; if they’re working well to pump blood through the body whilst exercising or even walking, the heart doesn’t have to work as hard, and the risk of issues as serious as heart attack can be dramatically decreased!

SO, if you’ve under or over using your calves, or if they feel a little tight, use your own hands to help reduce tightness and boost circulation.

#36alive 290: Pack A Tennis Ball On Long Journeys

Good news: You don’t have to suffer tight muscles and sore spots every time you face a long car journey or light. Just pack a tennis ball, and you’ll be able to boost your circulation and release muscle tension in no time.

London-based MD and surgeon Ali Ghoz recommends bringing the ball with you to roll out painful knots and adhesions; “If you have a tennis ball, you can increase circulation in your body by rolling it everywhere from your shoulders and lower back to legs and the bottoms of your feet, as well as any other trigger points”.

Use the ball a few times throughout your journey, and you’ll be able to prevent tightness from forming in your muscles, whilst giving yourself an all-over circulation boost too!