#36alive 350: Stand Up From Floor – Exercise 1

Yesterday we showed you the sit to stand test as which can be done as a little indicator to see how much mobility you have. If getting off the floor in this test was a challenge then try doing it this way instead…..

From a cross legged position, move you ankles out to the side then come up to kneel. From there bring one leg forward in to a lunge then from there come to stand. Reverse the movement to come back down.

#36alive 330: Stay Active and Move More | Tip 3 – Get Off Public Transport a Stop Early

Following on from our theme of adding a little more movement to your day, today we focus on something else that can be done a lot, might not take too much longer, but will add some much needed movement in to your life.

The tips we have offered over the last two days have been nothing fancy and this one is no different. Many of us get the bus or train to work, leading us to go to the nearest stop to get on the bus/train, and getting off at the closest stop to where we are going. Try walking to the next stop before getting on your public transport of choice, and/or getting off a stop earlier, you might add a couple of miles of walking to your day. I can already hear people reading this saying “but I don’t have time”, get up 20 minutes earlier and get home 20 minutes later, there you go, problem solved, you’re welcome.

#36alive 322: Take A Hike

No, not in the sense of “get lost”, “go away” or “do one” but actually take a hike. Today is “Take Hike Day” so what better time to find a nice challenging route, incorporating some hills for a nice cardiovascular workout.

With the weather outside becoming cooler which sometimes corresponds with people having less energy, it can be hard to bust out them hard workouts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t exercise. Taking a hike is great aerobic exercise that will loosen up the limps. It can also be a nice social event if you get a group of mates together, maybe even making a weekend of it. Make sure you wrap up warm though, it’s easier to cool down when you’re hot than to heat up when you’re cold. I actually have no substance or source for that last sentence but seems like it would be right to me so I’m sticking with it.





#36alive 302: Partner Poses | Exercise 6

This partner exercise is a variation on yesterday’s seated position – it places far less stress on the hips, and is a wonderful way to relax. If you find yourself on a crowded train together without a seat – try this!

To practice, again sit back – to – back, but this time with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Lift one arm and lean back until you’re able to lie on your parter’s legs. Rest your arms down and have a chat!

#36alive 301: Partner Poses | Exercise 5

Today’s exercise is a relaxing way to open the hips and thighs, using each others’ bodies for support.

To practice this, sit back-to-back in a cross-legged position and each lift your left arm up. Lean back and around until you’re both lying in each others’ laps and rest your arms. To come up, help each other by holding the other person’s shoulder for support and repeat the other side.

#36alive 290: Pack A Tennis Ball On Long Journeys

Good news: You don’t have to suffer tight muscles and sore spots every time you face a long car journey or light. Just pack a tennis ball, and you’ll be able to boost your circulation and release muscle tension in no time.

London-based MD and surgeon Ali Ghoz recommends bringing the ball with you to roll out painful knots and adhesions; “If you have a tennis ball, you can increase circulation in your body by rolling it everywhere from your shoulders and lower back to legs and the bottoms of your feet, as well as any other trigger points”.

Use the ball a few times throughout your journey, and you’ll be able to prevent tightness from forming in your muscles, whilst giving yourself an all-over circulation boost too!


#36alive 259: Set Movment Reminders

We’ve already discussed the problems that can occur from sitting for hours on end and even showed you many different ways to sit to stop your body getting used to one position which can result in mobility issues. Another good idea to prevent this is to set yourself a little reminder every hour to get up and move for 5 minutes. This can be done as an alarm on your phone, using TV adverts as a cue, placing a post it on your lap top as a reminder, and many more ways.

What you do in these 5 minutes is up to you whether it be stretching, walking, dancing, yoga, skipping, hula hooping, the choice is yours, just get off your ass and move.

#36alive 258: Make Use Of Your Chores By Moving | Lunges

Back in our 36alive 245 post we suggested that chores could be a good way of getting the body moving more (check back there for more info). I mean, what could be more of a natural movement than cleaning up.

Today we suggest that when you are sweeping or hoovering, you combine this with everyones favourite exercises, lunges. Check out the video below, yes, that music was intentional.


#36alive 245: Make Use Of Chores By Moving | 1 Manually Clean The Floor

We all have chores to do and these can often get in the way of doing things we actually want to do. However, chores can be made more practical by actually using the body and putting a but physical effort in to them. When I look around at the world at the minute it seems people are getting things too easy, with electronic devices replacing manually activity. This may seem a strange thing to say but if we don’t use our bodies then the body will adapt to not being able to do things that we may need it to do. Even if this is as simple as actually opening a tin with a tin opener instead of using an electronic one or actually opening and closing doors ourselves rather than using automatic ones.

One way I have started using my body more is to move around and put a bit effort in when cleaning. I actually enjoy getting down close to the floor and wiping it clean now rather than just using a mop. I use the time to open my hips, use my arms in a full range of motion, stretch my feet and give the hands some exercise by scrubbing hard.

Have a think about what other times can be used to put a bit more movement in to your life. For now, get down close to the floor and wipe it clean. The below video shows me having the time of my life doing just that yesterday.

Listening to Queens Of The Stone Age is not mandatory whilst do so but is advisable.



#36alive 223: Get Off The Chair and Sit On The Floor

You may have heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”, or may be you haven’t. Either way, most humans spend far too much time sitting down in chairs that the human body is not accustomed to sitting on.

Even though chairs as we know them now have been around for a long time, there was a much longer period when they weren’t around so humans had to sit in different ways, one of such ways is a squatting position. Truth to be told, spending too much time in any position isn’t ideal, but don’t fret, we’re here to help. Over the course of the next 5 or 6 days, we’re going to show different positions that can be used to sit on the floor. These will help prevent your body from getting used to the sitting position which really isn’t great for anyone’s health.

Before we share these, just get down on the floor now, sitting however is comfortable and watch this video……

#36alive 198: Sunday Night Insight | Daniel Wolpert: The Real Reason For Brains

We’ve often talked about how important it is to keep the body moving with motion often being the best lotion when it comes to keeping a healthy body.

Carrying on that theme we’d like to direct you to a TedTalk by Daniel Wolpert who puts forward the theory that the reason for the brain is to allow us to move. Check it out to see what you think…….