#36alive THE BEST BITS

Over the past 365 days, we’ve shared something you can do every single day to be a little healthier, happier, more present, alive and engaged with the world around you.

We’ve tried a lot of different habits, hacks, tips and routines ourselves in order to share them with you, and here are our top 10 picks of the whole year – the ones you can most easily do every day, and find huge benefits from! Remember you can refer to the abundance of tips we’ve shared on 36alive whenever you need inspiration for living well. Share the list with those you think could benefit!

  1. Cold Shower Therapy #36alive 102
  2. Qigong Spinal Twist #36alive 6
  3. Biohack With The Box Breath #36alive 340
  4. Stay Active: Use The Stairs #36alive 328
  5. Use Less Stuff #36alive 307 
  6. Peripheral Vision #36alive 12
  7. Stop Drinking Fizzy Drinks #37alive 19
  8. Earth Yourself #36alive 26
  9. Step Away From The Phone #36alive 61
  10. Tongue Scraping #36alive 67

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