#36alive 357: Eat In Silence

Yesterday we talked about chewing your food properly when eating, actually tasting it, allowing your body to digest it with ease. Today we follow that theme with another ‘mindful eating’ technique (although I’m not big on using the ‘mindfulness’ buzz word), this time eating silence.

There seems to be a constant need for people to distract themselves, whether it be with the TV on, or watching something on YouTube, or listening to a podcast, or scrolling through a social network site, or all of the above. I find I often have all my attention on one of these things that I don’t even realise I am eating until I am nearly finished. We went through some of the benefits of chewing your food properly yesterday and these benefits transfer over to this post as well, especially with regards to knowing when we are full.

If we eat in silence, actually concentrating on the meal then there is more chance of listening to the body which in turn will increase the chances of knowing when to stop eating because we are full, rather than forcing everything down then feeling lethargic afterwards. It also reduces the chances of overeating which helps weight management.

As with yesterday, this is definitely something I need to work on so will be setting time aside to actually enjoy a meal rather than distracting myself while eating, give it a go.





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