#36alive 349: Mobility Test | Stand Up Off Floor Without Using Your Hands

A BBC documentary called “How To Stay Young”  aired on the BBC last year, on this programme they showed something called the ‘Sit to Stand Test’.

This is a simple test that scientists in Brazil think can determine how well you’re aging and how long you’ll live. While I’m not sure about the second claim, I think you can tell a lot about how a persons body is aging by how they get off the floor.

Over the rest of the year I will demonstrate some different ways in which people can get off the floor, raging from easier movements, to harder ones.

The “Sit to Stand Test” is a good way to see where you’re at currently. To do the test follow the below instructions (attempt at own risk):

  • First stand barefoot
  • Cross your legs
  • Lower yourself down to sit without using hands or arms until you’re sitting cross-legged on the floor
  • Then reverse the movement without using your hands and knees

To score yourself, start with 10 points, and then lose 1 point every time you have to use a hand or a knee, if you wobble you lose half a point every time.

According to the study, the results work as follows:

8-10 – healthy long life

6-8 – twice as high chance as having a shorter life

3-6 – three and a half times the risk

Now I’m not sure how accurate this is with regards to length of life but if you are alive, then surely you would want to be mobile enough to get up off the floor when necessary.

Take the test to see how you get on and check out a snippet from the BBC programme below:


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