#36alive 335: Choose Consistency Over Intensity

The world seems to be gong at 100 mph presently with people wanting everything done yesterday rather than putting in the work for them. This has led to a lot of things becomes high paced, high intensity with little patience. Take for example High Intensity Interval Training that is all the rage these days, while this can be good, it should be treated with caution. Going full pelt on evert workout will no doubt lead to injuries, which means a more consistent long term workout plan will yield better results and a healthier body.

This is just one example, another one maybe revising for exams, instead of trying to cram in a boat load of revision in to a small space of time, try a more consistent practice over a longer period.

There are a number of things that this could relate to and breaking things down to a smaller more consistent practise is also less daunting.

Obviously there are times when high intensity is needed, but in general, trying being more consistent for the long haul rather than intense for the short haul.

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