#36alive 333: Use The Thymus Thump For Greater Wellbeing

The thymus gland is extremely important in maintaining mood and energy levels, and for keeping our immune system strong. This gland is often overlooked when it comes to curing illness, but it’s one that has a huge impact upon our wellbeing. When we suffer physical or emotional stress, this gland shrinks – thus depleting our ability to fight illness. Our mood and energy levels drop, and if this cycle continues, we end up physically and emotionally very ill.

The Thymus

The thymus gland lies just below the sternum (the breast bone). It is the gland closest to the heart, and is also where we tend to physically move the hands when expressing genuine truth, love and gratitude. The heart is a very powerful place and by ‘tapping’ this area, we stimulate various physical and emotional responses – including enhanced immune function, relaxation and wellbeing and upliftment.

How to:

  • ‘Place the fingers of either or both hands in the center of your sternum, at the thymus gland.
  • Use your thumb and all your fingers, tap firmly, breathing slowly and deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth, for two or three deep breaths’.
    (Excerpt from Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine)
  • Wait a few moments afterward to feel the effects. It is likely that this technique will bring about more energy and a greater sense of wellbeing – almost as though the body and mind are properly waking up. It is said that this practice specifically ‘awakens the body’s energies, boosts the immune system and increases strength and vitality’. This practice can be done daily in the mornings to set you up for the hours ahead, and repeated whenever you feel stressed, anxious, tired, and particularly at this precise time of year when the immune system could use a boost!

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