#36alive 330: Stay Active and Move More | Tip 3 – Get Off Public Transport a Stop Early

Following on from our theme of adding a little more movement to your day, today we focus on something else that can be done a lot, might not take too much longer, but will add some much needed movement in to your life.

The tips we have offered over the last two days have been nothing fancy and this one is no different. Many of us get the bus or train to work, leading us to go to the nearest stop to get on the bus/train, and getting off at the closest stop to where we are going. Try walking to the next stop before getting on your public transport of choice, and/or getting off a stop earlier, you might add a couple of miles of walking to your day. I can already hear people reading this saying “but I don’t have time”, get up 20 minutes earlier and get home 20 minutes later, there you go, problem solved, you’re welcome.

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