#36alive 329: Stay Active and Move More | Tip 2 – Park Further Away From Your Destination

Today’s tip to move a little more is to park further away from your destination than your normally would so you can walk the remaining distance. I’m not talking about parking miles away here, although if you do want to do that good for you, this can be just 50 yards more, it all adds up. A good place to do this is the supermarket. We all go to supermarkets, and we’ve all probably encountered a queue on the way in as people prefer to sit and wait for a spot close to the shop, this is probably up there in my top 3 of pet hates. Enough about my pet hates though, this blog isn’t about that, which is shame as I would probably be able to think of 365 of them easier than the subject of this blog.

So instead of queueing for the nearest spot to the supermarket, slowing down those behind you in the process, try heading for the spot furthest away, you’re only going to be about 50 yards maximum further away but as I said earlier, every little bit of movement helps. Or even head to the overflow car park, there’s always loads of room there and makes the shopping trip a much more relaxing experience.

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