#36alive 328: Stay Active and Move More | Tip 1 – Use The Stairs

People have never been so sedentary. That is a bold statement and one I have no real evidence for but it seems fairly obvious to me. People spend a hell of a lot of time sitting down, whether this be at work all day, driving, commuting, or  in front of the TV and computer. To put it bluntly, I see a lot of lazy people knocking about these days and it makes me a bit sad to see.

Often, to balance this out, people will spend an hour killing themselves in the gym thinking that is enough exercise, but if you are sedentary for 23 hours of the day, 1 hour in the gym isn’t going to help and can actually do more harm than good. Luckily this post isn’t going to say, stop going to the gym for that hour. What we suggest is to try to be active at every opportunity, moving more when given the chance.

We will be offering advise on how to do this over the coming weeks but for today we suggest using the stairs instead of using a lift or escalator. I spend a lot of time in a building of only three floors and there is often a queue for the lift, I can’t get my head around it, it’s actually quicker to take the stairs. Of course there are exceptional cases where people can’t use the stairs but for the majority of people we do have a choice. So start taking the stairs at every opportunity, it’s a ‘step’ the right direction.

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