#36alive 322: Take A Hike

No, not in the sense of “get lost”, “go away” or “do one” but actually take a hike. Today is “Take Hike Day” so what better time to find a nice challenging route, incorporating some hills for a nice cardiovascular workout.

With the weather outside becoming cooler which sometimes corresponds with people having less energy, it can be hard to bust out them hard workouts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t exercise. Taking a hike is great aerobic exercise that will loosen up the limps. It can also be a nice social event if you get a group of mates together, maybe even making a weekend of it. Make sure you wrap up warm though, it’s easier to cool down when you’re hot than to heat up when you’re cold. I actually have no substance or source for that last sentence but seems like it would be right to me so I’m sticking with it.





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