#36alive 314: Use Your Eye Muscles | Exercise 1

Using muscles to improve their function is something you will see people doing in gyms all around the world however there are some muscles that get ignored, namely the eye muscles.

After hearing Steve Maxwell talking recently about how he went from wearing glasses full time to no longer needing them, it really got me interested. Over the next couple of days we will be showing you some simple exercises that he demonstrated that can be done anywhere, apart from when driving, or crossing the road, or cycling, or many more times but you get the gist.

For this exercise simply grab a book or anything else with writing on it and hold it out at arms length in front of you. Focus on one word then slowly bring the book closer towards you keeping that word in focus not letting it go blurry, when it goes blurry take the book out and start again. I am demonstrating this in the video below for your entertainment. I’m sure you’ll agree the mustard hat and jumper is quite the combo.







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