#36alive 309: Give Some Clothes To The Homeless

Carrying on our theme of using less stuff, today we turn attention to clothes. It seems that every few months I am having a clear out of clothes as I have more than I need, and I don’t even class myself as someone who buys new clothes a lot. Recently I’ve started a one in on out system, if I by a new t-shirt, an old t-shirt has to go and so on but I still think I have more than I need so another clear out is due in which I’ll give everything I don’t need anymore to the local homeless shelter. This is particularly important at this time of year with the cold weather due to set in.

So have a think about the clothes you have and what you could do without, someone out there would be truly grateful for it and put it to good use. A little gesture can go a long way, a couple of years ago I bought a homeless man a soup not thinking much more of it, a couple of months later the same man stopped me in the street to thank me as he said he was feeling really ill that day, the soup sorted it him out and he had since went on to get himself a job and a place to stay. Apparently that soup was the catalyst for him to make a change, so no matter how small the gesture may seem to you, it may just change someones life.

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