#36alive 307: Use Less Stuff

Today is ‘Use Less Stuff Day’ so an ideal excuse to have a bit of a clear out. We tend to acquire things over the course of the year that we don’t really need leading to a lot of unnecessary clutter, this can have a stressful affect on people with so much going on around them.

So before Xmas comes, with might lead to more stuff being acquired, get rid of some to make some space.

Using less stuff doesn’t just mean stuff around the house either, this mentality can be taken anywhere with you, over the next few days we will be recommending a few ways in which less stuff can be used, starting with a simple one of remembering to take a bag from home when shopping instead of paying for plastic bags or having to buy yet another bag for life style bag. If your house is anything like mine you’ve probably got a cupboard full of them which is wasted space and resources.



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