#36alive 295: Make The Ordinary, Extraordinary

Today’s post is another one inspired by Haemin Sunim and his book The Things We Only See When We Slow Down.

There is a little passage in the book that talks about how there are many more hours in our lives spent doing ordinary things rather extraordinary. Meaning we spend more time on ‘mundane’ day to day activities than we do doing things we actually really enjoy. However, he suggests that we should learn to enjoy the mundane things that we do, things like commuting to work, standing in queues, cooking dinner, cleaning up, drying our hair, changing the bedsheets etc etc…………

What he says makes sense, if we can enjoy doing the things we do most of the time then our lives will be much happier. I do realise that this can be challenging when stuck in a traffic jam, or in a queue or spending what seems like ages trying to dry you hair but we can control our thoughts and it is within us to decide how we feel about doing things.

Everyone may have different ways to do this, we have already given advice on how to enjoy commuting more both in a car and on a train on this blog so have a look back at them posts, and try to change your mind set to enjoy the ordinary, it is the new extraordinary.

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