336alive 287: Wish People Well With Thoughts

Most people would have heard the saying “thoughts become things” with such theories like the law of attraction so prominent these days, and does make sense to have a positive mind set. This can help others as well as ourselves.

Often we might want to wish someone well, or bless them, or give them a namaste but it may seem a bit weird to do so. Or sometimes, certain people might give you a namaste or a blessing but only do it for show to stroke their own ego without actually meaning it. A good solution for this is to just silently wish people that you meet well upon first seeing them, give them a little blessing or chuck them a namaste but do it in your head, with the best of intentions. No one will know but yourself, and hopefully if something nice happens to the person being blessed then you may have contributed to it in someway. Give it a go, I’m off to a wedding soon and going to be silently throwing around blessings instead of confetti.

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