#36alive 285: International Day Of The Girl

International Day Of The Girl was created in 2011 to recognise the difficulties girls face, and to encourage women to support and stand up for each other. It focuses on empowering women, promoting equality, and raises awareness of girls who experience conflict and disaster across the world.

From anxiety and depression, to eating disorders and sexual harassment, to human trafficking and exploitation, women go through a lot, and still they’re bombarded with magazine covers and mainstream media telling them how to lose weight, look better, ‘improve’ this or ‘hide’ that.

Today, we encourage men to let their girls know they’re appreciated, and women to do something that makes them feel powerful. Go for a run or lift weights, speak your mind, go first, or call your best friend, mum or sister and tell them they’re appreciated too.

Visit the invisible girl project, UN women & unicef to find out more

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