#36alive 284: Boost Your Brain Power |Build New Neural Synapses

Use it or lose it is certainly true when it comes to brain health, and it’s proven that when we don’t use certain parts of the brain, those synapses stop working, via a process called ‘synaptic pruning’. Thankfully, those synapses CAN grow back. Here’s three ways to make that happen:

  1. Create an ‘Enriched’ Environment

An enriched environment is one that is mentally, physically and socially stimulating. Studies show that spending time in a more stimulating environment can increase neural connections and pathways by 25%, which essentially means your brain can begin to think better, be more creative, and handle social interactions more successfully.

  1. More Motor Learning

Learning related to movement is thought to increase neural pathways the most – so learn to juggle, play table tennis, play an instrument or head to your local Yoga class!

  1. Change Your Routine

Behavioural changes can also create new pathways in the brain, as we move out of familiar patterns and create new ones. Something as small as cooking something new, waking up at a different time, wearing a different colour, speaking to new people, and smiling at strangers can improve your brain health!


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