#36alive 280: Go First

We often wait for other people to go first and react to them, for example, if someone smiles at us we smile back, or if someone says hello then we say hello back. I read something recently where someone said that the biggest change in her life occurred when she started going first, being the person to initiate the smile, being the person to say hello.

Then when reading a book by the buddhist monk Haemin Sumin the other day I came across a little passage that summed this up in a great way and really resonated with me, this passage goes likes this;


If you want a friend to remember your birthday, remember hers first.

If you want your husband to give you a massage, give him a massage first.

If you want your children to watch less TV turn off your TV first.


I think this is a great idea (particular the second one) and think this practise would make the world a nicer place to live.


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