#36alive 274: Oxygen Advantage Breathing Exercise

Over the last two days we have been featuring Patrick McKeown and his Oxygen Advantage breathing method. After sharing his TedTalk and how to calculate your BOLT score over the last two days, today we share one of his breathing exercises with you. We do advise the you go back and watch the TedTalk and calculate your BOLT score before doing this. In fact, Patrick actually talks through this exercise on the TedTalk so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Doing this exercise can help if you feel decongested, a bit stuffy, and generally struggle to breath through the nose.

The exercise is simple, sit comfortable and start breathing in and out through your nose. Then take a small breath in and out and hold your nose. Now for the fun bit, whilst you are holding your nose, starting nodding your head up and down. Do this until you feel short of breath then start normal breathing again through the nose for 1 minute before repeating. Afterwards you should feel that you can breathe a lot easier.

One word of warning, if you are pregnant, have heart complaints or high blood pressure then it is not a good idea to do this.

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