#36alive 271: Breathe Through The Nose and Breathe Less: Dr Patrick McKeown

Most people know that breathing through the nose is better than breathing the mouth, however, it is still thought that half the population are mouth breathers.

When stressed, most people will say give the advice of taking a deep breath, this often results in people taking a deeper breath in to the chest rather than the diaphragm, which is exactly how we breath when stressed. Rather, it is more advisable to take a slow breath through the nose.

The nose is responsible for 30 bodily functions (possibly more if you have a nose the size of mine). When we breath through the nose we receive so many benefits, we can influence out blood vessels, influence the amount of oxygen delivered in to our cells, decongest the nose, open up the airwaves and calm the body down. Whether or not we breath through our nose as a child actually changes the shape of our face as well.

For more information check out this TedTalk below from Dr Patrick McKeown. Over the next two days we will discuss exercises that can be done to assist with nose breathing.

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