#36alive 270: Stress Less With The Elastic Band Technique

A tried-and-tested technique, which has been around for a long time; today’s tip is incredibly simple, not at all technological, but very effective.

We all have negative, unhelpful, worrying and useless thoughts sometimes, which we can’t control. What we can make steps towards controlling however, is whether we ruminate and tumble them over in our minds for days on end, sending ourselves into a spiral of stress and anxiety. Getting yourself out of a hole of negative thinking cam be difficult, which is why this technique is designed to stop you venturing into the hole in the first place!

To give it a go, simply wear an elastic band on your wrist, and every time you notice yourself thinking about something useless that makes you worry, or a negative thought keeps popping up, snap or ‘ping’ the elastic band on your wrist.

The pain signals coupled with the negative thought begin to send a message to the body and brain that negative thinking = pain, and you’re less likely to spend hours mulling over stressful thoughts. Not only that, the distraction of a small amount of harmless pain is often enough to distract the mind so it doesn’t get dragged into rumination and worrying.

Try it!


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