#36alive 267: Sunday Night Insight | Wellmania – Misadventures In The Search For Wellness, Brigid Delaney

Whether you’re a health nut or have no idea about nutrition, you’ve just finished another detox, or you’re not at all interested in diets, this book is highly entertaining and insightful for everyone.


In the middle of the clean eating explosion, there’s a backlash of those who question our obsession with wellness. Why do we swing so wildly between indulgence and purity? Why do we sweat ourselves silly in yoga classes, saunas, and gyms, only so we can feel less guilty about eating an extra portion, a ‘cheat day’ meal, or a sugary cocktail?


The wellness industry is now roughly a $3.72 trillion global industry – and it’s still growing! If you’re wondering why this world of wellbeing has taken over the media, the supermarkets and so many millions of minds, then tuck into Wellmania: Misadventures In The Search For Wellbeing, as Brigid Delaney takes on a 101 day cleanse, fasts, silent retreats, meditation, yoga, group psychotherapy, and colonics, and documents them all – so that you don’t have to!


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