#36alive 265: Build Foot Strength | Exercise 6

Back in our #36alive 164 and 165 posts we went through exercises that can be used to build the strength in your foot, today we focus on a progression of these exercises that make it a little harder and remove an compensations we may be making elsewhere in the body. The reason for this is that the body likes to cheat, taking the path of least resistance which can come as detriment to us when we are trying to focus on strengthening a weak area.

The exercises we previously showed you involved firstly lifting up the big toes on their own while keeping the remaining toes on the ground, followed by the opposite, keeping the big toe down while lifting the others. We did this standing up. I have since learnt that our legs can actually do most of the work here which isn’t much help when trying to focus on the feet. A simple way to stop this is to do sitting down as instructed below, please see accompanying video of Emma showing off here amazing foot control the bloody show off.

How to:

Sit down with the soles of the feet on the floor, legs bent with knees facing the ceiling or the sky. Wrap your arms around your legs in order to prevent them from moving. Then keeping the legs in places lift up the big toe on its own repeat 10 times, then keep the big toe down lifting up the other toes 10 times. Really focus on keeping your legs in place throughout.

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