#36alive 264: Go BPA Free

BPA is an industrial chemical that is found in plastics, often in food and beverage containers like water bottles or plastic food boxes. Studies have been carried out that show that BPA can seep out of these containers in to our food and drink which is a concern due to negative effects it may have on our health, such as an increased blood pressure. Some research as also shown a negative impact on the brain an prostate gland in infants and children. Other studies have shown associations between BPA exposure and thickening of the artery linings in young adults; faster weight gain in US women; higher occurrence of heart disease, diabetes, and liver inflammation; and declining male sexual function (I bet that got your attention).

Luckily, BPA free products are readily available now from most shops so if you’re looking for a new water bottle, or bait box (that means lunch box in Newcastle) then look out for BPA options.




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