#36alive 257: Give Someone A Ring

Before you get the wrong idea, I am not having a Beyonce moment telling people to put a ring on it if you like it, no, by “ring” I mean ‘call’ of course.

We can often get caught up in our own lives, finding things to do so that we’re busy, and pushing other people away. This can especially be true if you haven’t seen anyone in a while, the longer you leave it, the harder it is to reply to that message or make that call. I’ve called a few people recently that I hadn’t spoke to or seen for a while and it was like a weight off my mind, and actually enjoyable (I’m not really one for chatting on the phone).

So if there is someone you haven’t seen or spoke to in a while, stop using your phone for social networking for a bit, and actually use it for what it was designed for a ring someone, you might just make their day.




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