#36alive 256: Let Someone Know You Care

With such fast-paced modern lives, it’s easy to spend more time thinking about ourselves and our individual, trivial needs than the real needs of others. While many Eastern cultures value community, family and bonding, we in the West are facing epidemic levels of narcissism; essentially being ‘self obsessed’.

The thing is – our fast-paced modern lives are now accompanied by global disasters, war and every-day difficulties, which we can only get through with the help of having loved ones around us. As human beings, we inherently need the feeling of support and comfort a community brings, and having even just one person to rely on can literally be life-saving.

So, today: Let someone know you care. Whether it’s the person standing right next to you, your partner, parent, sibling, grandparent, or an old friend you haven’t spoken to for years – let someone know they’ve got people who care about them, and you’ll not only make someone’s day, but you’ll enhance their sense of belonging that humans need and are fast losing in today’s individualised world.

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