#36alive 255: Wear Warmer Colours This Autumn

Colour has a huge influence on how we feel – interior designers have long insisted that colours have a strong psychological impact upon us, and it’s a hot topic in advertising, art and design industries.

Of course, each person’s experience of colour is deeply personal, however there are many overarching examples of colour eliciting a certain response for most people. Colour can also make us feel cold or hot, and comfortable or uncomfortable. Blue and grey can usually make us feel colder, whereas colours like mustard, orange, red and gold can make us feel warmer, and can also encourage feelings of optimism, comfort, and energy.

During the darker, colder moths, optimism, comfort, warmth and energy are usually what we crave, so help yourself (and everyone who can see you!) feel a little better by wearing mustard, orange, red or gold this Autumn, which is usually simple to do, as they’re typical Autumn colours.

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