#36alive 249: One Thing At A Time

People are often trying to turn over a new leaf. Whether it be a new fitness regime, a particular diet to follow, a meditation practise or an alcohol free month. A problem I have found in the past when attempting a new routine is trying to introduce everything at once leaving me feel overwhelmed.

This week I heard a good a bit of advice which is so simple and obvious that I instantly nodded my head in agreement before realising I never follow the advice I was nodding my head at.

Basically, when looking to start a new routine, regime or whatever you want to call it, introduce one new thing at a time. Then, when that is engrained as second nature, introduce something new. I’ll use myself as an example.

I have meditated on and off for a few years, more off than on, I also always want to do some sort of movement practise when I first get out of bed before I set off for the day, and would like to do some breath work as well.  Now, in the past I have tried to introduce all of these at the same time, which never lasts. However, I have been diligently doing at least 10 minutes of moving around (whether thats yoga, stretching, joint mobility) as soon as I get up for about two months now. When I heard the advice a light bulb went off in my head as I realised that I just do this without hesitation now, and that is probably because I introduced this on it’s own. So, now that it is effortlessly part of my morning, I can bring something else in. For the last two mornings I went through a little meditation after my movement practise. This doesn’t seem like a chore now as I’m only adding one thing and I’m loving it.

To summarise that dull tale I just told, if there are a number of things you want to bring in to your life, do it one at a time. Apparently it takes 21 days to get something engrained in to you, so be on the safe side and introduce something for a month, then build from there.

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