#36alive 248: Stargaze & Become More Selfless

There’s a lot of talk about space travel in the media right now, and for good reason – we simply don’t know a whole lot about outer space, which makes it even more exciting and fascinating.

When it comes to simply looking up at the stars, it might be something you don’t often do, don’t ‘have time’ to do, or simply can’t do, due to light pollution in cities and towns.

The thing is, there are huge benefits to stargazing, including relieving stress as we take time to be in nature and away from the stress of day-to-day life, improve relationships if you bring a loved one with you, and even encourage more selflessness.

Many astronauts and scientists say that seeing earth from space is the key to uniting and saving our civilisation, and while we might not all be able to jet off into space just yet (although it’s not far off!) gazing at the stars for even ten minutes can be enough to completely change your state of mind, realising how small we really are in the grand universal scheme of things, allowing us to overcome petty differences and annoyances we might have in the modern world, and even making us kinder (take a look at #36alive 246 for the benefits of kindness!). When we consciously take the time to stop and look around (and up), it can really help us realise that we’re a part of the world. Things that annoy us, issues we have throughout the week, are really very very small when we consider there’s a whole planet and an entire universe around us living too.

Give it a try! Choose a clear night, drive somewhere a little out of town, stop, and simply gaze upward for a while. You’ll be amazed at how simple and effective this can be!


Let us know what you think.

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