#36alive 245: Make Use Of Chores By Moving | 1 Manually Clean The Floor

We all have chores to do and these can often get in the way of doing things we actually want to do. However, chores can be made more practical by actually using the body and putting a but physical effort in to them. When I look around at the world at the minute it seems people are getting things too easy, with electronic devices replacing manually activity. This may seem a strange thing to say but if we don’t use our bodies then the body will adapt to not being able to do things that we may need it to do. Even if this is as simple as actually opening a tin with a tin opener instead of using an electronic one or actually opening and closing doors ourselves rather than using automatic ones.

One way I have started using my body more is to move around and put a bit effort in when cleaning. I actually enjoy getting down close to the floor and wiping it clean now rather than just using a mop. I use the time to open my hips, use my arms in a full range of motion, stretch my feet and give the hands some exercise by scrubbing hard.

Have a think about what other times can be used to put a bit more movement in to your life. For now, get down close to the floor and wipe it clean. The below video shows me having the time of my life doing just that yesterday.

Listening to Queens Of The Stone Age is not mandatory whilst do so but is advisable.



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