#36alive 241: List Your ‘To-Dos’ & Tasks

If you’ve been following #36alive for a while, you’ll know we’re big fans of lists, and for a very good reason! From shopping lists to appointments, to general day-to-day to dos, we’re all about list-making, and there are plenty of benefits of becoming a list-maker too!

Here’s a list of them:

  • Writing lists helps you remember what you’ve got coming up
  • Ticking tasks off a list releases endorphins with the sense of achievement you’ll get. Whether it’s as small as picking up more milk from the shop, or sending that important email, the sense of elation, relief and confidence is worth it.
  • It improves brain function
  • It can make you more efficient, as you can see exactly what you need to do
  • You’re likely to get more done
  • Making notes helps us remember information more readily, as we have to think about the very things we’re listing
  • Lists which include planning can make abstract ideas or goals into real work – seeing what you want or need to do in front of you is more likely to make it happen!
  • It can ease stress levels. Once you’ve got over the “omg I have so much to do” feeling that can occur after writing a list, you’re likely to end up feeling relieved as the things you need to do are more organised and straightforward, and create less of a mess in the mind.

Try listing a few things you need to do today, and even add on something you’ve been putting off. Let us know how you get on, and if you’re more productive or just feel more organised!

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