#36alive 236: Sleep Deprivation Test

We’ve done many posts on the benefits of sleep and tips to get a good sleep. This week I saw something shared that can test whether or not people are getting enough sleep. A simple way to do this is to lie in bed, in the afternoon, with a spoon in your hand hanging over the side of the bed. Underneath the spoon, on the floor place a metal tray. Get comfortable and check the time, then when you dose off, you will drop the spoon and the noise of spoon hitting the tray will wake you up. Check the time again to see how long it took to fall asleep.

The theory goes that if it took 15 minutes to fall asleep then you’re probably getting enough sleep. If it took 10-15 minutes then you’re probably a little sleep deprived. If it took 5-10 minutes then you are very sleep deprived. If it took less than 5 minutes then you probably haven’t got this far without falling asleep.

Check out the video below to see Dr Michael Mosley take the test.



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