#36alive 234: Take A 1 Hour Digital Detox

In a world run by technology, most of us virtually ‘live’ on social media; we share photos, videos and statuses of our lives (well, the parts we want people to see), and consequently get to see the images portrayed of everyone else’s lives.

Unsurprisingly, all of this ‘sharing’ encourages a great deal of comparison, and many young people report feeling pressured to live up to an unrealistic version of who they ‘should be’, instead of being happy with who they are.

Narcissism is currently at epidemic levels; people are obsessed with themselves and what the world thinks of them, and rather than controlling what we see online, we end up letting what we see control us.

Digital_Detox-.jpgRates of stress and depression amongst young people has skyrocketed since the invention of the internet, and what was supposed to ‘connect’ communities, has instead created isolation. Of course, there are good things about the internet, but there are better things about real life. So, today we challenge you to either switch your devices off, or leave them out of sight and out of reach for at least an hour, and maybe a whole day if you can.

It’s very common to have ‘withdrawal’ symptoms at first – and the habit of reaching for your phone whenever you find yourself unoccupied for even a second is a hard one to break, but having a digital detox brings a sense of freedom and empowerment, greatly reduces stress levels, and brings us back into the real world where we live!

To enhance the effect, spend time with people you love, or go for a walk in nature where you can really notice the difference, and feel what it’s like to live life away from the screen!


Try it and let us know how you feel

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