#36alive 223: Get Off The Chair and Sit On The Floor

You may have heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”, or may be you haven’t. Either way, most humans spend far too much time sitting down in chairs that the human body is not accustomed to sitting on.

Even though chairs as we know them now have been around for a long time, there was a much longer period when they weren’t around so humans had to sit in different ways, one of such ways is a squatting position. Truth to be told, spending too much time in any position isn’t ideal, but don’t fret, we’re here to help. Over the course of the next 5 or 6 days, we’re going to show different positions that can be used to sit on the floor. These will help prevent your body from getting used to the sitting position which really isn’t great for anyone’s health.

Before we share these, just get down on the floor now, sitting however is comfortable and watch this video……

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