#36alive 222: Ditch The Sat Nav and Use A Map

We’ve talked before about how people often spend too much time in front of their smart phones or even using technology in general, and while it does have its uses, it’s sometimes nice to get back to basics.

One way I have been doing this recently is by not using a Sat Nav when driving to new destinations and actually using a map. I know, shock horror right! Imagine driving somewhere you don’t know the way to and not using a Sat Nav. About 10 years ago that statement wouldn’t hold as much weight as it does now, but with practically everyone owning a smart phone now, we always have a Sat Nav at our disposal.  In fact, I think people are using their brain less and less with any information needed just a press of a button away on Google, so anything that forces people to use their brain can only be a good thing.

I also find that it helps to stay in the moment, and mindful when driving. On a Sat Nav we get that often annoying voice telling us when to turn and in which direction. However, if we’re going off a map or hand written directions we have to be on the look out for the next exit on a motorway, or a sharp right that be maybe the next turn. There is also the threat off missing a turn and not having the simple option of the Sat Nav rerouting, so people are much more likely to keep an eye on the road and be present behind the wheel. If there’s one thing scarier than setting off not using a Sat Nav, it’s bloody well getting lost without a Sat Nav.

I am not saying don’t take a Sat Nav with you just in case, but next time you are going somewhere you don’t know, try looking it up first and try to find out without that little electronic voice, you never know, you might actually enjoy it……..honest!



Don’t blame me if you get lost, I accept no responsibility for it!

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