#36alive 221: Schedule Free Time

These days, being ‘busy’ often equates to being ‘better’. Many of us are caught up in the world of productivity, and the need to have thousands of plans, in order to subconsciously show others how great our lives are.

Social media is probably one of the biggest causes of the need to be ‘busy’, with everyone’s movements and daily activities photographed and pinned up for the world to see. Much of this social media sharing contributes to anxiety and fear young people have today about not being ‘good enough’, and therefore the pressure is piled on to ‘have more’, ‘do more’, and ‘be more’.

Last Sunday, we shares #36alive 218, which explored a book by Will Storr entitled Selfie. The book discusses the current state of narcissism and self obsession we currently live in:

‘We live in an age of perfectionism. Every day, we’re bombarded with the beautiful, successful, slim, socially-conscious and extroverted individual that our culture has decided is the perfect self. We see this person constantly in shop windows, in newspapers, on the television, at the movies and all over our social media. We berate ourselves when we don’t match up to them – when we’re too fat, too old, too poor or too sad. This cycle can be extremely bad for us. In recent years, psychologists have even begun to think that many people take their own lives because of the impossible standards that are set for who they ought to be’.

Today, if you recognise you’re caught up with the need to ‘catch up’ with everyone else; if you notice you’re comparing yourself to others, you’re worrying about whether you’re doing enough, or whether you’ve got enough planned, or whether people think you’re ‘busy’ enough, schedule yourself some space. 

Mark out a specific time slot – or even a whole day on your calendar – with nothing planned. When the day or time arrives, see what you feel like doing. The ability to have time to daydream and actually think freely instead of catching up with things breeds  creativity, and we begin feeling far more relaxed and in control of our lives and what we want to do. It’s very likely you’ll end up doing something you enjoy, something truly productive, or you’ll be able to create something brand new. Try it and let us know what you get up to!


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