#36alive 220: List Your ‘Waste Thoughts’

We all have them; thoughts that whirl round and around in our heads, worries that don’t go away, and hours spent thinking and re-thinking the same thing over and over again. Most of the time this kind of daily anxiety is made up of ‘waste thoughts’, the kind of thoughts we can actively do anything about right now, and yet we still let them take over our minds a lives every day.

If there’s a situation on your mind that is bothering you, or there’s something you’re worrying about over and over again without doing anything about it, spend a couple of days listing these thoughts, mark the time of day you thought them, and then read over Alzheimer´s-13-Dificuldade-para-escrever-e-falar-na-Alzheimer´s-300x212them. Notice whether the time of day or day of the week correlates with the thoughts or worries. Notice if there are certain words that crop up repeatedly, and also notice whether these thoughts are something you can change, or whether they’re not.

Most importantly, recognise if these thoughts are simply wasting space in your head; could your brain power be used for something more worthwhile?

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