#36alive 310: Train Your Idea Muscle

While physical training is high up on a lot of peoples priority list (mine included), the brain generally does not get as much attention but can be trained if used.

Entrepreneur and best-selling author, James Altucher, recommends that we train our idea muscle on a daily basis. How is this done? By making a list! That’s right, another list! As we’ve said before, you can take or leave what you read on this blog, we don’t expect people to follow everything we put out which is a good job as if you did you’d spend all your days making bloody lists! But, you can give things a go to see if they work for you.

The list to make to build the idea muscle is……wait for it…….a list of ideas. Didn’t see that coming did you. The reason for this is it helps with creativity and can help not to get stuck in a rut. James recommends writing down 10 ideas every day, these ideas can be about anything, ‘new business ventures’, ‘song titles’. ‘ideas for a sitcom’, even ideas that you can make ideas lists about, as long as you’re having to think of things then your idea muscle is working. These don’t particularly have to be good ideas, if you’re struggling then write down bad ideas, these might actually turn in to good ideas after all.

If this is done daily, just think of the amount of ideas you will have after a month or two, or even a year. You may even feel the urge to act on one of these ideas and who knows where that could lead to.

For more info on James and his idea muscle tips, click here.

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