#36alive 208: Release Shoulder Tension With The Apalapa Marma Point

Marma points are used throughout the ancient Indian health system of Ayurveda, literally meaning ‘life knowledge’. This system is all about getting to know yourself, and then getting to know how to keep yourself well and healthy.

Marma points have a similar concept to the chinese medicine system of acupuncture and acupressure points. By pressing and massaging there points, physical and subtle layers of the body can release, relax, or energise and strengthen. Today’s marma point is all about releasing pain and discomfort in the shoulders, a common place many of us carry tension.

Apalapa: This marma point is located on the chest, and is a great way to ‘un lock’ stiff shoulders in the Autumn and Winter. Measure two finger widths down and two finger widths laterally from your collarbones, and massage this place with a firm, circular movement for approximately five minutes.

The key is to do this regularly, especially if your shoulders are your trouble spot, practice each day for a couple of weeks, and let us know how you feel!

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