#36alive 204: Stop And Look Up

We’ve mentioned on numerous occasions on this blog about how noticeable it is these days to see people walking along the street staring at their phone, not really looking where they’re going. Even if people aren’t staring at their phone, you’ll generally find they have headphones in listening to music or a podcast. I certainly do this all the time, probably for the same reasons most other people do, to provide a distraction while walking somewhere, to ‘switch off’, or a smart phone addiction. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing all the time, well the smart phone addiction is, but sometimes it’s not to switch off and have a distraction whilst on the move. However, we can miss so much by doing this.

While walking along with my Dad a couple of years ago, he said that it’s always a good idea to look up when visiting new places as you will see the best bet of buildings at the top. I have done this ever since and he isn’t wrong. We sometimes forget that there may be natural beauty right in front of our eyes if only we pay a little attention to it from time to time.

So next time you visit a new place, or walking about an old place, have a look up to the top of the buildings and pay attention to your surroundings.

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