#36alive 200: Make An Alternative Gratitude List

Back in #36alive 180, we spoke about keeping a daily gratitude list, and the benefits that come with it. Today, it’s all about attracting what you want and need, by simply already being grateful for them.

As the law of attraction and the theory of entrainment say, we attract what we think about most. By adding 5 other things to your gratitude list that you would like to bring in to your life. For instance, if you are looking to change careers to a job you love, add to your list; “I am grateful I have a job I love, and can work with my passion”. Keep doing this, and if there are a few things you are determined to bring into your life, keep listing them and you might just be surprised at what happens.

From personal experience, this works, and it is scarily accurate!

Of course; as much as we might all like to win the lottery, it’s best to be ‘grateful’ for things you actually need, or that seem realistic.

Try it for a month and let us know what happens!

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