#36alive 197: Keep Your Body Moving While On A Train

Before anyone gets in with the obvious statement of “the train moves for me”, I mean actually moving your body around for yourself while on the train. Regular readers will know that I am not a big fan of commuting and sitting still for long periods of time, even though I seem to spend a lot of time doing that, in fact I am writing this on a train from London to Newcastle. As I spend a lot of time doing this journey and vice versa, I like to keep myself from sitting still too long on the 3 hour journey.

I find that most people who come to see me with aches and pains give the same answer when I ask when it hurts the most, that is answer “when I’ve been sitting down for a while, or when I first get out of bed”. In other words, when people are still for too long the body does not like it. We are made to move and often any sort of movement can remove little aches and pains. Don’t get me wrong, I am not sitting here shaking or body popping while typing this, but here are some ideas for the next time you’re on a train journey and feel like you want to move a little……

  • Walk to the refreshment bar rather than wait for the trolley
  • Walk to a toilet on the other end of the train instead of the nearest one
  • If you want to get really crazy while walking, see how long you can walk down the train without holding on to anything. This is particularly fun down Coaches D and E which seem to regularly house the stag and hen do’s
  • Simply stand up for a while without holding on to anything, you’ll have to use your body to stop from falling over
  • Try these stretches than can be done whilst seated

This might not seem like much but every little helps. Safe travels, I’m off now to buy an overpriced cup of tea from the refreshment bar, let’s see how long I can go without holding on……..what a time to be alive!



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