#36alive 196: Get Some Flaxseed In To Your Diet

Also known as Linseed, flaxseed is another seed that is having a major resurgence and for good reason. The main benefit of flaxseed is the omega 3 content which is effective, amongst many other things, for promoting heart health, improving the function of the nervous system, and balancing hormones. Flaxseed is also rich in phytochemicals (especially lignans), which are active compounds in food that help fight disease, so much so they are often referred to as “nature’s pharmacy”. Flaxseed can also help reduce attention deficit so if you find yourself getting bored reading this, and you’re mind is wandering, treat yourself to a little flaxseed and read it again. Our bodies do  struggle to digest whole flaxseed so it’s always best to buy ground or milled flaxseed, or grind it yourself before consuming.

Finally, flaxseed can promote the neurotransmitter balance and reception which basically means the communication between the brain and body. Therefore if you’re feeling uncoordinated and not in control of your body on the dancefloor over the weekend, you might just want to increase your flaxseed intake and you’ll be cha cha’ing in next to know time.

Sprinkle some in a salad, on porridge, with yogurt, in a smoothie or anything else you like to eat.



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