#36alive 195: Simple Mindfulness Technique | Take 3 Breaths

Mindfulness is a bit of a buzz word at the minute, and while it can turn some people off, being mindful and paying attention to what you’re doing can only be a good thing. Whether or not you want to stick a label on this and call it ‘mindfulness’ is up to you, it can sound a bit airy fairy, putting people off in the process but how many times have you forgot where you put your keys, or scrambled about in your pockets looking for a train ticket, that you only put in one of your pockets about a minute earlier, subsequently forgetting which pocket you put it in, every single time you go on a train? (That last one could be specific to just me).

The majority of people know that being present and living in the moment is a beneficial thing to do rather than worrying about the future or thinking about something that has already happened, but it is one thing knowing it, and a whole other thing putting it in to practice.

Don’t worry, this post isn’t going to say that people need to be in a state of zen 24/7, but we are going to give you a simple technique that I heard recently.

Every time your phone rings, or you get a message, or an email, instead of answering or reading the message straight away, just take three deep breaths to bring yourself in the moment and then do what you need to do. This will also have a calming effect which will help in case the phone call/message/email is one that isn’t a particularly nice one, for example, “yes Mr Croft, we can fix your van, but we can’t do it until Wednesday and it will cost you £254, don’t worry though, we can hire you a van in the meantime for a small extra cost” (again this example could be specific to just me).


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