#36alive 193: Cuddle Your Cat For Purrrfect Health

Other than providing comfort and companionship, pets have a few secret powers we might not all be aware of. Whilst owning a dog is proven to raise mood levels and even prolong a person’s lifespan, cats have a healing ability that is a little more subtle.

If you own a cat, you’ll be aware of what it’s like to feel them purr, and it’s often when they’re receiving lots of love and attention. Although they’re usually described as aloof and selfish compared to the loyal dog, recent studies show cats prefer cuddles over food, and what we’ve recently discovered could mean we feel the same way about them too…

It’s all to do with frequencies and Hz, specifically the Hz of a cat’s purr. Research has shown that exposure to frequencies at 20-50Hz induces increased bone density, relieves pain, and heals tendons and muscles. Interestingly, a cat’s purr is generally within the range of 20 – 140 Hz, and it not only helps to heal bones and muscles, but also relieves stress, can decrease symptoms of dysponea, lowers blood pressure, helps heal infections and swelling, and just owning a cat could decrease the owner’s risk of having a heart attack by 40%.

SO, if you haven’t cuddled your cat recently, treat them (and yourself) today, and if you know anyone suffering from what we’ve mentioned above, tell them about what you’ve just discovered!


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