#36alive 189: Make The Most Of Your Commute

This year I have found that I have to commute more which has stressed me out more than I ever thought it would. I have already mentioned that I think getting up out of bed, getting ready, then sitting in a car, bus or train without some ‘me’ time first is very unhealthy. Whether this ‘me’ time is simply sitting with a cup of tea reading a chapter of a book, or meditating for 10 minutes, or some sort of movement based activity like yoga, or stretching, I think it works wonders for the mind. It does for me anyway.

However, most people do have to commute so why not make the most of the journey if you do have to travel. Whilst it’s easy to sit and read when travelling on public transport, it’s not so easy to do so when driving. Although with the amount of time stuck in traffic jams it probably is possible, and I’ve been stuck in a fair few. In fact, it’s while I’m stuck in these traffic jams that I stress about the time being wasted just sitting there, but, just because I’m sitting in a car shouldn’t mean I can’t be do something as well.

So, I started thinking about what I could do, here is a small list of things that might keep you going while commuting……

  • Listen to podcasts – there are loads about these days, take the opportunity to listen to some, I managed to clear the backlog that I had before finding new ones and creating another backlog of course.
  • Concentrate on the breath – nothing too heavy when driving, just ensure you’re breathing in to the lungs rather than the chest
  • Listen to an audiobook – you may not be able to read when driving but that’s where audiobooks come in, just download them and listen away
  • Learn a language – a friend of mine is learning French at the minute while driving using an audiobook, I think this is a great idea

Most importantly, don’t get stressed out about it, that’s not going to help at all, easier said than done I know but good luck! Remember though, always drive responsibly concentrating on the road at all times.

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