#36alive 186: Cold Spoon Therapy

Often, it’s the most simple things that turn out to be the most effective, and when it comes to cooling body temperature, waking yourself up in the morning, relieving symptoms of hayfever, or helping out a hangover, there could be nothing more simple than today’s tip!

In the weird and wonderful world of health and wellness, spoons are often used as a tool to massage the face, apparently ‘ironing out’ wrinkles and banishing dark bags and circles under the eyes. Even more simple than massaging however, is knowing where to place the spoons on your face in order to feel refreshed and alive within seconds.

With this method, the cool temperature of the metal spoons is placed either side of the bridge of the nose, on the temples, and on the eyelids. If you’ve had a particularly heavy night, feel free to place them underneath the eyes to ‘cure’ any puffiness, and on the forehead. The nerves on (or in?) the face are richly innervated, meaning they’re highly sensitive and responsive. When something cool or warm is placed onto the skin of the face, the whole nervous system responds, which is why a cool spoon placed on the temples can do wonders for refreshing the whole body.

Try It:

Totally free and simple. Simply place two teaspoons in your fridge and leave over night.

In the morning, take the spoons out and place them both:

Either side of the bridge of the nose (great for relieving stuffiness or sinus issues)

On the temples (a wonderful remedy for headaches and hangovers)

Over the eyelids or under the eyes (perfect for waking up tired eyes)

Give it a go and let us know how you feel!

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