#36alive 182: Make A Weekly Exercise List

I have lost count of the times I have written out some sort of training / exercise routine for  the upcoming couple of months only for this to be compromised by the second week.

In fact I find it impossible to try and keep to any sort of program rigidly as I never know week by week what I am going to be doing at a certain time, I’m sure many reading this will be able to testify to that. However, it is important to keep up a regular exercise routine or training program, especially if you are training towards a particular event like a run, triathlon, fight or powerlifting competition etc……..

While listening to the Joe Rogan podcast recently, Joe was going through a few things he does as part of his daily routine. He explained that training is very important to him so he makes sure he has time for it. He does this by planning his week on a Sunday, writing down what sessions he will do and when. Then he can build everything else around that. This strikes me as a great idea as I can normally keep to a routine for a week or two so planning it on a week by week basis sounds a much easier way for me to do things. It is also a bit less daunting splitting a routine down on a week by week basis.

This isn’t to say that you can’t follow a training program that is longer than a week, in fact all specific training programs will be longer than a week, but you can just split the program in to a week by week basis. For example, if you’re training for a marathon and you do a slow recovery run on a Monday, then a speed session on a Wednesday one week, that doesn’t mean you have to do exactly the same the week after. You might have to get both of them runs done, but if you’re too busy the Wednesday after, you could do it on them on the Tuesday and Thursday instead. This sounds obvious but I used to put myself under pressure to do certain things on certain days, often just cramming them in which affected the quality of the workout when I could have achieved more the next day.

So if you know you have 5 workouts to do per week, sit down on a Sunday (other days are available) and plan when you will do them 5 workouts that week, and so on, and so on.

This might not work for everyone but it is what I will be doing for the foreseeable future to see how I get on with it.



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