#36alive 179: Feng Shui Your Home | Tip #1 – Leave The Toilet Seat Down

There’s a reason ancient traditions are still going strong today – and it’s usually because they work! (or it could be because they’re trendy) Whilst feng shui may seem like a ‘woo woo’ way of decorating your house or something weird hippies do (you’d be right), it’s actually pretty logical in some aspects, and can go a long way towards making a home look and feel a whole lot better. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system, concerned with harmonising everyone with the surrounding environment, literally translated, it means “wind-water” in English.

Today’s tip is all about saving money and maintaining good energy within the home.

Feng Shui Tip #1: Keep Your Toilet Seat Lid Down

Not just an excuse to remind men to put the toilet seat lid down every once in a while, keeping the toilet lid open practically invites germs and bacteria from the drain into your home. The idea is that leaving the toilet lid open figuratively ‘pours’ good energy, good fortune and good health out of your home and ‘down the drain’. SO, keep a lid on it and maintain a cleaner house, happier energy, and a more abundant financial situation!*

Let us know what you think!



*Abundant financial situation not guaranteed…….

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